This project transformed a 58,000 sf three-story building to a 77,000 sf elementary school with a complex two-story structure supporting a new inner five-level core that provides handicap accessibility. The site elevation differential for the new addition required the demolition of the existing building core while shoring the established structure and building envelope. This level of critical building construction lent itself to our team’s experience, as they not only value-engineered the project to meet the client’s budget, but were asked to condense a 14-month schedule to 10 months to meet the needs of the community.

We credit our timely success of this project to the Pre-Construction team’s planning and procurement phase. They were able to build the project with concise bid packages to manage time with their orchestrated motion to meet the schedule. As the project entailed an occupied school year during construction, we were able to plan major construction activities during school breaks and maintain a secure separate environment for students and staff.

AGC Built CT Award
Midsize Renovation – Merit Award