Bismark was engaged as the Construction Manager to be the lead coordinators for the required remediation work on seven schools assigned by the City of Stamford Mold Task Force as critical. The scope of work was to access the water infiltration by field inspection and observation. Once an assessment of a condition has been determined the following occurs:

  • Coordinate with the hygienist inspections to access the remediation necessary
  • Coordinate the remediation contractor to clean the area for repairs
  • Coordinate the repairs with either the City of Stamford tradesmen, subcontractors, or vendors to repair the conditions

All this work started with an assessment of water infiltration. Those conditions occurred due to several reasons:

  • Water infiltration through prior roof conditions
  • Window wall/curtain wall failures
  • Hydrostatic pressure from poor site drainage
  • Insignificant HVAC system

Each situation required a detailed outline to complete the work. Some repairs were quick remedies while others will require complete building construction projects. We currently are working with architectural teams to provide outline scopes to bid projects over the summer months. We are also coordinating swing space to work through the occupied school two to three classrooms at a time.

Bismark has implemented their Quality Control Plan which address job tasks prior to work and inspections after. This plan was developed while working for the Army Corp of Engineers.

Construction Manager

School Mold Remediation – School HVAC Ventilation Upgrades