Bismark Construction’s General Contracting division has been the driving component of the experience we bring to our clients. We built this new 48,000 sf vocational school as an anchor on the Westhill High School campus to tie it to the academic community. The project includes indoor and outdoor science labs, food growth labs with a 4,000 sf greenhouse, and large ClearStory curtain walls to bring the natural light within the building program.

One of our challenges was to redirect the daily on-site activities to maintain a safe environment for the students and staff while constructing a three-story building within limited space. This was accomplished through pre-planning with logistics and phasing.

The Westhill Agriscience building’s most prominent feature is an aluminum-perforated sun screen that wraps around the projecting entrance, creating a canopy that provides shade on four sides. The concrete and stone exterior facade underneath the screen provides a color change under different exposures in line with the school’s agriscience curriculum. The main entrances, directly across from the relocated bus loop, enable access to showcase the program.